Academic Processes

Do you have good staff?

Yes, we have a teaching team with a philosophy/motivation towards teaching.

Which board are you affiliated to ?

Currently, we have initiated affiliation procedure with both cbse and ib. IB world school status is tentatively expected in 3 years.

Do you have R&D dept?

Yes. click here.

What is the maximum strength of a class?

Nursery – 10 students
PP1 to G12 – 25 students

What is Teacher: Student ratio?

The ratio is 1:12.

How frequently are PTM (parent teacher meet) held?

PTM are held for every 50 working days (approx. 2 months). The dates are available in the school dairy.

What is Mindspark ?

Mindspark is a computer based program that revolutionizes the study of Mathematics. It focuses on self-learning with a curriculum integrated database. An interactive product, from the makers of ASSET, Mindspark has been derived from the belief of personalized learning. It is specially designed to assist the user to learn at his or her pace.

Students learn best at their own pace. Mindspark enables children to learn and understand at their own pace, without rushing them through the syllabus. With an active and detailed database, Mindspark monitors the level of understanding in each concept and patiently helps the students when they are in doubt by resolving errors and misconceptions through explanations.
For example, if a student from the 8th grade does not have clarity on the core concepts of Algebra, the system automatically offers inputs in the form of questions that will help build the fundamentals of Equivalence (which is a critical point into understanding Algebra).

Currently more than 100+ schools spread across India have integrated Mindspark along with their Maths curriculum teaching.
for more info on Mindspark, click here.