Outdoor Facilities

Silver Oaks offers facilities that what encourage & ensure cognitive, affective & psycho-motor learning. Our classrooms and open spaces are designed to support our students in all three domains. Moreover, we provide a range of other facilities for sensory, emotional, intellectual and creative enrichment which contribute to the child’s holistic development. We invite you to visit us.

  • Tennis court for sporting skills and focus.


  • 200 meters athletic track.


    11034914_1605758189643161_7566916153066174490_n DSC_6562

  • Skating rink for balancing skills.

    DSC_6623 11025803_1605758129643167_1591417006648399345_n  

  • Basket ball court for sporting skills and team spirit.


  • Foot Ball


  • Pre-Primary Play Area

    pre primary play area  

All the photos below are from the Bangalore Campus. The photos provided here are for reference purpose only.In case of any queries please contact us.